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eUSD is a modern European stablecoin - a digital version of US dollars.

eUSD enables near-instant payments globally for a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives.

eUSD seamlessly combines on- and off-chain transactions in the most robust & regulatory-compliant stablecoin. With eUSD money becomes an afterthought, enabling new business models.

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Regulated & built for trust

Here are a few reasons why you should choose eUSD

eUSD - modern European stablecoin

eUSD Solutions

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Exchanges & Brokers

Use eUSD to ensure MiCAR-compliance and continuity.

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Enable a range of new use cases with a blockchain native USD.

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FinTechs & Enterprises

Settle payments faster and cheaper.

About eUSD

eUSD by Membrane Finance is a European stablecoin & payment network supervised as an electronic money institution. Based in Finland, a leading European hub for technology & regulatory stability, eUSD is being built for tomorrow’s businesses today.

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